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Wedding Gift Ideas


We have all experienced the pleasure and pain of receiving a wedding invite, the fact you are popular enough to be asked (the whole day or evening only is a different discussion) is the first reaction. But then fear sets in – quickly scan the invite for a wedding gift list – usually there are a few options now:

  1. A gift list at a high-end retailer – where the smallest gift is usually not a small monetary amount

  2. A suggestion to donate to a favourite charity (very rare)

  3. No information

Typically points 1 and 3 are just as difficult, the bride and groom have gone to the effort to choose their items for point 1 but can you afford to buy any of those items and they are so impersonal. That’s why we at Gift Signs have created a few ideas and options for those wedding gift ideas in the UK (and world actually).

Personalised Signs

Gift Signs are a premium manufacturer of personalised signs in the UK – your sign can be used indoors and outdoors and is made of the same material as road signs. We offer a range of sizes with all-inclusive delivery prices – our unique personalised signs are great gifts for the bride, groom and of course for the couple together. Something cheeky or something sentimental – everything that fits we can design personally for you. If you are interested in a custom design (at no extra cost) then get in touch here.

Personalised Wedding Gifts UK

Perhaps you are interested in giving them a gift to use on the wedding day (a sign to their wedding, a sign noting the wedding date or perhaps a sign with welcome to Mr & Mrs Jones) – something that is personal, can be part of their big day and instant kudos from all of their friends and family (for giving such a thoughtful and useful present).

We can include a range of fonts and images on our signs at no extra cost – which means for this purpose the sky really is the limit! For details of our personalised wedding gifts UK then click here – Contact Us.

Gifts for Guests

As is becoming increasingly popular – why not give a gift that doubles as a name card or placeholder for your guests. We can customise a smaller than normal sign that is personal for each person – we can include an image or icon which perhaps indicates their meal choice and of course the name of the bride and groom along with wedding date. A fantastic memento at a small cost that will ensure your wedding stands out. As the UK’s premium personalised sign company Gift Signs is the perfect partner to ensure you get the wedding with a difference.

Gift for the Groom

For those brides looking for a gift for their groom for the day, a sports sign or personalised sign that can either be in their car, workplace, shed or somewhere they spend a lot of time will not only be personal but a lasting reminder of the special day. We supply high quality sports signs that show either team/stadium names, emblems and perhaps the distance from their home to the home stadium.

About Us

Gift Signs are a premium UK personalised sign company – we individually design each sign, produce in the UK and dispatch. We supply signs across the world with some of our signs being proudly displayed in Canada amongst other places. Our customer service is second to none and of course because we sell directly to you our prices are simply fantastic value. Contact us today for a personalised sign or use our site to order a sign instantly.